3 Monts


Above all the story of La Brasserie de St Sylvestre is one of passion : the tradition of expertise passed on from father to son and the constant search for perfection. The popularity of our beers owes much to the high quality of the local ingredients. Find out how we make our beer from the attached film.

Year Round

Flanders Golden Ale

8.5%  Bière de Garde

A wonderful return to nature, with a flavor of yesteryear. Brewed by infusion with strong and hearty Flemish hops and top fermenting yeast, 3 Monts is perfectly balanced between malt aroma, fruity flavours and bitterness. The head is generous, dense and long-lasting.

Grande Reserve

8.5% Bière de Garde

A speciality beer brewed over lees in winter using the first malt and hops from the last harvest. Roasted malts give it its characteristic amber hue. Obtained by top, the Grande Reserve is characterized by fruity flavors and a good bite.