Ace Cider

Sebastopol, CA

Founded by Jeffrey House, ACE became one of the first hard cider companies formed in the United States after the end of Prohibition. Ace Cider also opened the first modern cider-centered pub in the U.S. in 1999. Mr. House located his business in the Sonoma County historic apple growing region because it reminded him of his native England.

Ace Cider has become a significant employer in the largely rural "West County" portion of Sonoma County. The company's existence and success bucks the trend of the "homogenization" of the county's agricultural economy, i.e. the domination of agriculture by the production of wine grapes.

Year Round

Ace Apple

5%  Cider

Ace Apple has an apple nose and a clean dry finish and tastes very much like a Sauvignon Blanc. It is made out of 100 per cent apple juice and is all natural, gluten-free and low-calorie. This cider goes well with all pork dishes and seafood as an alternative to the high alcohol of wine and heaviness of beer.

Ace Berry

5%  Cider/Juice Mix

Ace Berry cider is a sweeter cider. The apple juices are fermented for 14 days to dryness and then fresh blackberry and raspberry juices are added to produce a light purple cider. Ace Berry  has just the right amount of fruitiness and sweetness; it is refreshing chilled without being cloying. It is an all-natural, gluten-free, cold filtered cider. Ace Berry is winning a lot of friends across the country.

Ace Joker

6.9%  Cider

Joker is Ace's driest cider, made from 100% apple juice; it has champagne characteristics, yeasty with a higher alcohol content. It won the 2013, San Diego Cider and Beer Festival and took a Gold Ribbon as the “Best Cider” in the competition. Joker is popular with beer and wine drinkers and makes a great base for Jomosas (fresh OJ on Joker over ice) or Snakebites (lager and JOKER) or Black Satins (stout and JOKER). JOKER tastes great on its own, ice cold in a champagne flute or with cheese and apple slices.

Ace Perry

5% Cider

Perry is made from apple and pear juices. Champagne yeast is used and allowed to ferment for 10-14 days. Perry is then cold-filter 4 times and carbonated before packaging. With its lovely pear nose, smooth semi-sweet mouth feel, and dry finish, Ace Perry has won awards in the US and overseas. Ace Perry is the brand leader of the Pear ciders in the US and is Ace's best seller. It is gluten-free and pares well with all spicy foods, especially Asian cuisine.