The brewers propose traditional Belgian Beers crafted according to a rigourous brewing process. Back to the roots: here, beers are elaborated through a high fermentation process in open tanks, with just basic ingredients - selected malts and hops, yeast and water, and the savoir-faire and passion of the artisans. No pasteurization nor filtration. This is the recipe for the Trouffette and BPA beers that will reward even the most demanding beer connoisseurs. The company was founded in 2009 by Phillippe and Catherine Minne and Philippe Meurisse.

Year Round

La Trouffette Junifer

7.8% Dark Brown

Full-flavored with 4 kinds of malt and hops originating from Belgium and US. Yeast from Orval is added to give it a unique flavor. To justify its name, the brewer includes Juniper Berry to the brew which is a very common spice for that particular region and is used to make "gin" which therefore is called Junifer.

La Trouffette B.P.A. 

5.2% IPA

Golden in color with a lacey head, this is a lighter IPA style made with 3 different malts and 4 kinds of hops from Germany and US. Also used is a particular spelt which is a cereal typical for their area. This Ale is not filtered and the bottle is conditioned with yeast from the Orval Monastery. Delicious.

La Trouffette Brune

6.8%  Brown Ale

Rich, dark, creamy and a frothy head. This classic brown Ale is made with a combination of 5 roasted and chocolate malts while 4 different hops from England and the US. Conditioned with Orval yeast to give it that distinctive flavor and complexity. The dark sugary-candy taste of this Brune demands more than 1 to enjoy.

La Trouffette Belle d’Été

5.7%  Wheat

A rich flavor backed by the very fruity notes of the Coriander and Orange Peel. It is made from a malt and Belgian wheat with 4 different kinds of hops which is unusual for a wheat beer. Conditioned with the infamous Orval yeast given by the Monks. The wheat here is a little stronger, but flavorful