In CHF there is a unique in the world numerous breweries and variety of beers. They are all distinguished by their individual flavor from, which 
has developed over centuries to the preferences of the people in this region. This tradition has always remained true to the SHARES Brewery. For more than 150 years of her with much love and great craftsmanship unique specialty beers brewed. How to impress the three SHARES beers Zwick'l, original and Country beer in swing top bottle by its typical character and become a tasty and high quality Franconian brewery culture and way of life. 

Year Round


5.6%  Munich Dunkel Lager

This Dunkel Dark Lager is a Bavarian and Franconian specialty. Dark and hearty, with slight and subtle notes of roast, chocolate and spice. This beer is a way of life in Franconia. Dark brown with ruby highlights, this beer pours clean. Sweet malty body gives way to a surprising clean finish that leaves the mouth begging for more.


8.5% Munich Helles Lager

This Helles lager is clean and crisp. Bright pale gold in color with a super rich white head. The aroma showcases some earthy, spicy and fresh hop bitterness. The body is slightly sweet with subtle notes of grass and hay. The finish is clean and crisp, but still leaves the sweetness in tact. A classic Bavarian lager that has captured the taste buds of so many people.


5.3%  Zwick'l/Zwickel

The Bayreuther Zwick’l is a classic example of a Bavarian Kellerbier. Unfiltered and lagered longer than a typical helles lager. Copper in color, the beer pours with a creamy white head. The Zwick’l showcases a sweet caramel malt body that gives way to a clean finish with a slight bite. Available for the first time ever in the United States. Un-pasteurized and fresh. The Zwick’l is one of the only beers of its kind being imported.