Kortrijk Dutsel

If there's one thing the Kortrijk-Dutselaars known for, then it is their unique aperitif beer Kortrijk-Dutsel in champagne glasses is drunk. No party in this small Hagelandse village without somewhere Kortrijk- Dutsel is given. Kortrijk-Dutsel nature is a living beer with a unique fruity aroma, refreshing acidity and a typical character proper to the village.

Valerie Stoens brews the perfect aperitif beer on an idyllic site in the rolling green of Hageland. 9.8% abv. Kortrijk-dUtsel is made with several yeasts that are separately added at specific moments during the long brewing process. The last yeast is only used for refermentation in the bottle. In combination with the specific mixture of grains, hops and water a very original taste is created that makes it completely different from any other beer on the market.

The fruitiness does not come by the addition of fruit juices or syrups artificial yeasts but only by the combination of fruity and hopping. This makes this beer pure and natural taste. Dutsel has a vinous nose and impressions of flowers and citrus. The hoppy aftertaste is long with subtle wood notes. It is more reminiscent of a sparkling wine or a beer. It sets the taste buds open. The soft sparkling Kortrijk-Dutsel is ideal as an aperitif or pairing food (sushi, seafood, fish, white meat). This truly unique product is only available in 750 ml bottles.



Woodchuck Private Reserve Belgian White

The artisan spirit is alive and well here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and that has never been more apparent than with the world’s first Belgian White-style hard cider. This limited run cider carries on a tradition of innovation, first forged two decades ago, when Woodchuck Amber reinvented hard cider in the United States.

Cloudy, with a rich, golden hue reminiscent of wheat beer, our Belgian White presents a delicate aroma and taste, mirroring the Belgian tradition of a coriander and orange peel profile, laced with the complexity of apple notes and classic Belgian beer yeast. Enjoy with a slice of orange, and pair with light seafood fare, mixed greens and an assortment of sharp cheeses. It is 5.5% alcohol by volume and as always with Woodchuck  naturally gluten free. Woodchuck Hard Cider is Independent to the Core. It’s a spirit that has served us well. Belgian White is the latest addition to our rich history in hard cider. 

Made in Vermont and available in 15.5 gallon barrels and 12 oz bottles.



Mendocino White Ale

From the Mendocino website; "Our skilled brewers developed an authentic Belgian Style White Ale, slightly hazy and bright gold in color, with the perfect balance of wheat to keep it light and refreshing, malted barley and a touch of spice to add depth and complexity of flavor.

We then add Key Lime Peel to take this beer to a whole other flavor dimension, which compliments the bright citrus and floral notes from the skillful use of hops. Truly a delicious and unique Summer Beer". Available in 12 oz bottles.

About Mendocino Brewing Company

It started as a dream...  Or maybe a flashback. Back to the days of the hometown brewery before Prohibition. A time and a place where citizens in towns and districts all over America rallied around beer that was theirs.  Beer that was crafted for them, in accordance to their tastes. Beer that was an expression of their lives and passion.  This passion, in a tiny tucked away town aptly called Hopland, drove the dream into existence in the humble but intrepid foundation of the Mendocino Brewing Company on August 14th 1983.

The Hopland Brewery was the first brewpub opened in California (2nd in the US) after the repeal of the 18th Amendment (by the 21st Amendment) in 1933. The passion, it seems, was a shared one (currently there are about 1500 craft breweries in operation in the United States). It did not take long for the Hopland Brewery to become a landmark, a point of pilgrimage on famed California Highway 101 (“take the Golden Gate Bridge out of town for 2 hours; the brewery is on the right”).



Kuhnhenn DRIPA

Kuhnhenn’s DRIPA (Double Rice IPA) is an amazingly smooth take on a West Coast style double IPA. A former gold medal winner at the World Beer Cup, this India pale ale is made with American long grain rice. The citrus nose is full of great aromatic quality. The taste is incredibly smooth with no bite, unlike other high ABV IPAs. The aromatic hops are present until the last sip while the body is crisp and smooth. This double IPA is up there with the best of the best and should be considered top of its class. We have a limited number of 15.5 gallon barrels and a handful of casks. 9.5% abv.

We just got in a fresh shipment, along with a few other Kuhnhenn specialty barrels. Please click on the Specialty List link to see what is currently available.