Kortrijk Dutsel

If there's one thing the Kortrijk-Dutselaars known for, then it is their unique aperitif beer Kortrijk-Dutsel in champagne glasses is drunk. No party in this small Hagelandse village without somewhere Kortrijk- Dutsel is given. Kortrijk-Dutsel nature is a living beer with a unique fruity aroma, refreshing acidity and a typical character proper to the village.

Valerie Stoens brews the perfect aperitif beer on an idyllic site in the rolling green of Hageland. 9.8% abv. Kortrijk-dUtsel is made with several yeasts that are separately added at specific moments during the long brewing process. The last yeast is only used for refermentation in the bottle. In combination with the specific mixture of grains, hops and water a very original taste is created that makes it completely different from any other beer on the market.

The fruitiness does not come by the addition of fruit juices or syrups artificial yeasts but only by the combination of fruity and hopping. This makes this beer pure and natural taste. Dutsel has a vinous nose and impressions of flowers and citrus. The hoppy aftertaste is long with subtle wood notes. It is more reminiscent of a sparkling wine or a beer. It sets the taste buds open. The soft sparkling Kortrijk-Dutsel is ideal as an aperitif or pairing food (sushi, seafood, fish, white meat). This truly unique product is only available in 750 ml bottles.