The Schloss Eggenberg brewery has stood for over 200 years in the possession of the Stohr family and can look back to the 14th century on a long tradition of brewing beer. Upper Austria's largest private brewery situated in the idyllic Salzkammergut, where the famous beer specialties are produced from only the finest domestic raw materials.The modern revitalized vault premises of Westraktes Eggenberg Palace are available for events.

Customer satisfaction speaks for a long time for the incomparable taste of the beers from the brewery Eggenberg CASTLE. For the award of the AMA quality label of origin and quality of raw materials, careful processing and superb performance in the sensory examination of the beers are crucial.

Year Round

Mac Queen's Nessie

7.3%  Vienna Lager

Brewed with Scottish Highland malt, the main ingredient of the world famous whiskies from Scotland, Nessie is called “The whisky among the beers.” Its colour is of a reddish touch.


9.6% Doppel Bock

A very strong lager beer, aged for nine months in Castle Eggenberg's cellars. This dark gold colored brew has a fruity yeast aroma, complex sweet malt flavors with fruit, and a warm alcoholic undertone. Brewed in accordance with the purity law of 1516.