Brewed in Huyghe Breweryfounded in 1906 in Belgium by Leon Huyghe in city of Melle in East Flanders. The site of the brewery has been in operation since 1654. However, the brewery has been modernized and expanded on several occasions since the founding of Huyghe. The brewery's most well known beer is Delirium Tremens, a blonde, Belgian-style trippel.

Year Round


3.6%  Lambic

Floris Apple pours with a white head, with light to medium carbonation, and a light to medium body. Flavors include fresh apple at the nose, to spicy apple, and a strong sweet finish.


3.2% Lambic

Floris Framboise pours with a large, long-lasting head and features a brilliant red color. The aroma and flavor are of sweet raspberry, complimented with prominent effervescence, and ending with a dry finish.