Les 3 Fourquets


The brewery "Les 3 Fourquets" decided in 2007 to create a new beer in champagne bottles as well as in casks. Part of the Belgian Ardenne's inheritance and established in the great 18th century farmstead. One time great wolves occupied the calm places of Ardennes, the region with the best hops in the world was originally harvested. The Latin name of hop is "Humulus Lupulus" which also translates to "small humble wolf".

Year Round

Lupulus Blonde

8.5% Abbey Tripel

Refermented in champagne bottles and in casks. The use of hops in considerable quantities, in the cauldron as well as in full fermentation, gives this liquid gold a freshness and an incomparable bouquet. Store this beer next to your beloved Grand-Cru and serve at a temperature between 8 and 12° C (46,4° and 53,6° F).

Lupulus Brown

8.2% Belgian Strong Ale

Highly attenuated, which means that there is little residual sugar. This makes for a full flavored beer that does not grow heavy on your palate. Color comes from dark candy sugar and at the end of the boil a small quantity of orange peels are added for a fruity, uplifting flavor. Store this beer with your wine collection and serve at a temperature of 45° F-55° F.