Pomme de Coeur

Rougemont, Quebec

Made from apples picked during the first autumn frosts, Pomme de Coeur will seduce you with its beautiful amber color and complex aromas of apricot, honey, melon and almonds. Smooth in the mouth and with a richness of flavor that complements the natural acids of the fruit, this cider is best served with fine desserts and cheeses.

Year Round

Pomme de Coeur

6.9%  Cider

Created from apple varieties harvested on the first autumn chills. Pomme de Coeur warms the palate with complex aromas of apricot, honey, melon, and almonds. Its unctuous smoothness and deep flavors are in perfect balance with a natural apple astringency. A wonderful complement to a variety of cheeses or fine desserts. The attractive packaging makes for a lovely gift offered from the heart.