Possmann Pure Cider

Frankfurt, Germany

For over 125 years, the Possmann family has made traditional German apple wine and apple juice in the manner first handed down by Phillipp Possman in 1881. Today, Possmann holds true to a spirit of Old World craftsmanship and a dedication to quality.

Year Round

Pure Cider

5.0%  Cider

The uncompromisingly perfect hard apple cider from Kelterei Possmann. Possmann Pure Cider has a perfect balance of rich apple flavor, not too sweet and finishing dry. The flavor comes from a unique source of apples which are harvested exclusively from 800+ farmers in the Hessen region of Germany. The typical farmer has 3 to 15 naturally occurring apple trees on their land that are not part of a cultivated orchard. These country apples provide a uniquely rich apple flavor. Try a chilled Pure Cider, no need for ice, it’s an uncompromisingly prefect hard apple cider

Rosé Pure Cider

5.0%  Cider

Created with 100% pleasure, 0% compromise, Possmann Pure Cider Rosé has a perfect balance of rich apple flavor mixed with black currant for a taste that's not too sweet and finishes dry.