New York, NY

Radiant Pig Craft Beers began as a pipe dream for a couple of homebrewers in Manhattan. Born in 2012 after years of perfecting recipes, countless hours of research (drinking beer) and a ton of trips to Brooklyn fetching ingredients. In February 2013, the first commercial batch of brew became established as the Junior IPA, Radiant Pig's flagship beer.

Radiant Pig will be releasing their first set of Junior IPA cans in the summer of 2015.


Junior IPA

5%  ABV

If an IPA and a Pale Ale had a baby Junior would be it! Junior inherits the best qualities of both parents. A heady dose of hops provide an eclectic mix of citrus, tropical and floral aromas, backed by a solid malt backbone. Making for a beer that's freakishly hoppy, yet not too bitter.

If you're picky about your pints, this is the beer for you.



East Side Rapture Pale Wheat

5.7% ABV

An unfiltered, hoppy Pale Wheat Ale bursting with tropical aromas from an abundance of American, New Zealand and Australian hops. A refreshing change of pace that drinks easy, with a slightly dry finish.

Part pale, part wheat, all rapture.



Gangster Duck American Red Ale

6.2% ABV

An American Red Ale influenced by multiple beer styles. Intense citrus and stone fruits dominate the nose (or beak if we're staying with the duck theme), yet the bitterness from the hops is balanced by Belgian and American crystal malts. It smells like an IPA exploding with fancy American hops but has a smooth, malty-but-not-too-malty finish.