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HIGHLIGHTED BLUE = Discounted item in Glendale warehouse
3517Ace Blackjack 21 Cider12/750
3135Ace Pumpkin Cider12/22
2983Almanac Dark Pumpkin Sour12/12.7
3470Almanac Dogpatch Sour12/12.7Wine barrel aged Flanders Red
3938Almanac Emperor Norton Tripel12/22oz
5246Almanac Farmers Reserve Blackberry12/12.7
2987Almanac Farmers Reserve Citrus12/12.7
3887Almanac Farmers Reserve Pluot12.12.7
5036Almanac Saison Brettaville12/12.7
3862Almanac Valencia Gold12/22
3777Arcadia Hop Rocket24/12Imperial IPA
3524Arcadia Loch Down Scotch Ale24/12
3438Arcadia Sky High Rye24/12Cans
3627Arcadia Whitsun24/12Cans
1251Bear Republic APEX12/228.5% IIPA
1056Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout24/12
1817Bear Republic Black Racer12/22
1251Bear Republic Grand Am24/12Pale Ale
6854Bear Republic Racer X12/22
3553Boulder Scourge of the Dude12/22Barrel Aged Barleywine
1205Braufactum Roog12/22
3149Brew Bus Double Decker Porter24/12
3836Cascade Blackberry12/750
4903Cascade Black Cap Raspberry12/750
4618Cascade Kriek12/750
5275Cascade Mix Pack12/750All three
1072Cigar City Florida Cracker24/12
3921Cigar City Hard Cider24/12
2417Cigar City Invasion24/12
2979Cigar City Maduro24/12
4732De Proef Flanders Fred12/750
3914De Troch Framboise12/12.7
2053De Troch Kriek12/12.7
3548De Troch Winter12/12.7
3972Delirium Argentum12/750
2039Delirium Noel24/11.2
3657Finch Wet Hot American Wheat24/16Four six packs
4981Finch Pig in the Wood24/16
5154Founders Azacca IPA24/12
3498Founders Big Lushious12/750Chocolate Raspberry Stout
6488Founders Breakfast Stout24/12
3197Founders Dark Penance24/12Imperial Black IPA
5030Founders Dirty Bastard24/12Twelve pack cans
6414Founders Dirty Bastard24/12
6419Founders Double Trouble24/12
2717Founders Project Pam12/750Black IPA aged in maple syrup barrels
6063Founders Mango Magnifico12/750
2975Founders Mosaic Promise24/12
4907Founders ReDankulous12/750
5273Founders Rubaeus18/12(2) nine pack cans
5018Free Will Grape Sour Lambic12/16.9
3924Free Will Kriek12/16.9
4931Free Will Peach Lambic12/16.9
5242Früh Kölsch20/16.9
3860Gouden Carolus Easter12/750
1226Harpoon Celtic24/12Spring seasonal
3479Harpoon Czernobog12/22Russian Imperial Stout
2483Harpoon Long Thaw White IPA24/12
1078Harpoon Long Thaw White IPA24/12Twelve pack cans
4928Harpoon Mixed Pack24/12Summer Vacation Mix Pack
3885Harpoon Take 524/12Six pack bottles
3886Harpoon Take 524/12Twelve pack cans
1337Harpoon UFO Big Squeeze24/12
3873Harpoon UFO Explorer24/12
3472Harpoon UFO Gingerland24/12Twelve pack cans
5217Harpoon Thunder Foam12/22100 Barrel Series. 6.8% American Porter
2628Hofbrau Maibock24/11.2
5045Hofbrau Winter24/11.2Package only, no draft
1854Hoppin' Frog Café Silk Porter12/22
2743Hoppin' Frog Frogs Hollow Double Pumpkin12/22
2867Hoppin' Frog Frosted Frog12/22
1967Hoppin' Frog Goose Juice12/227% IPA
3489Hoppin' Frog Gulden Fraug12/22Belgian Strong
1855Hoppin' Frog Outta Kilter12/22
2670Hoppin' Frog Silk Porter12/22
4900JK Skrumpy Hard Cider24/16
4853Jk Skrumpy Winteruption12/22
5032JP Bastian Chocolate Cake24/12
1987JP Irish IPA24/12
5166Kasteel Barista24/11.2
5168Kasteel Barista12/750
3162Kasteel Winter24/11.2
3161Kasteel Winter12/750
3537Lion Gift Pack3 packTwo bottles and glass
4747McKenzie's Lazy Lemonade24/12
2978McKenzie's Pumpkin Cider24/12
4734McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve24/12
3050Meantime Smoked Bock6/750
4891Mendocino Pumpkin24/12
5230Montauk Summer24/12Cans
5265Moody Tongue Applewood Gold24/125% Smoked lager
5241Moody Tongue Chocolate Barleywine24/12Loose 24 pack
5029New Planet Seclusion IPA24/12Reduced Gluten
5028New Planet Tread Lightly Ale24/12Reduced Gluten
3325O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale24/11.2
1277Pomme de Coeur6/375 mlIce Cider
2382Prearis Grand Cru 201312/12.7
3893Prearis Grand Cru Scotch Barrels12/12.7
13Redstone Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon Mead6/750Order through C & R Wine
5163River Horse BA Barleywine12/750
5058River Horse Brewers Reserve24/12Triple IPA
3635River Horse Brewers Reserve24/126.5% Chocolate Porter
2740River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern24/12
2718River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout24/12
2171RJ Rockers Peachy King24/12Imperial Peach Wheat
2474RJ Rockers Witty Twister24/12Belgian Witbier
5250Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer24/12cans
1109Speakeasy Black Hand Milk Stout12/22
6651Speakeasy Butchertown Black12/22
1294Speakeasy Old Godfather Barleywine12/22
5234Speakeasy Old Godfather Barleywine12/22Bourbon Barrel Aged
6343Speakeasy Payback Porter12/22
6852Speakeasy Scarlett24/12
5187Speakeasy Syndicate #312/22
5027Spin Doktor Hard Root Beer24/16
1782St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat24/11.5
3877St. Ambroise IPA24/16
3324St. Martin Cloak Barleywine6/750
3143Steadfast Pumpkin12/22Gluten free
1074Stevens Point Amber24/1212 pack cans
3576Stevens Point Apricadabra24/12
2394Stevens Point Whole Hog Pumpkin24/12
1729Timmermans Pumpkin6/750
4888Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Cider12/16.9
5053Triportuer Full Moon24/11.2Four packs
5271Weihenstephan 1516 Kellerbier24/11.2