Steadfast Beer Co.

Albany, NY

“To create familiar flavors from unfamiliar ingredients” is our test. We stand enthusiastically behind the recipes we’ve crafted and are always innovating to make better beer. Because of this, we’re proud to provide you with flavorful, satisfying ales (lagers, too someday…!) that are 100% Gluten-Free. Our ingredients are Gluten-Free, our process is Gluten-Free, and you can rest assured that the beer in your Steadfast bottle is too. Whether you’ve missed bold and hoppy flavors, elegant and traditional Belgian-style finesse, or the experience of a real seasonal brew, we’re happy to say to you, “Welcome Back To Beer!”

Year Round

Golden Blonde Ale

5.5%  Gluten Free Blonde Ale

A hazy straw-golden color with rocky Belgian foam that clings playfully to the glass.Citric, estery aromas of fermentation and spice; coriander is followed by sweet orange peel and honey. A round-bodied, sweet beginning followed by mild hop bitterness and bright orange and lemon flavors. Cleanly, a dry finish takes the stage, leaving Belgian yeast notes and pleasant citrus as you plan your next quaff.

Sorghum Pale

6.8% Gluten Free Pale Ale

A golden-amber color with a frothy white head and brilliant clarity as well as an elegant lacing on your glass as you drink.Pungent floral and citrus aromas from dry-hopping with Cascade hops. Notes of burnt sugar, bread, and caramel followed by spicy alcohol flavors and a hint of molasses sweetness. Mid-sip, look for an explosion of hop bitterness and grapefruit-like hop flavor, and brace for a lingering dry finish.