Koln, Germany

Located in Cologne the brewery has been owned by members of the Sünner family since 1830. Sünner is the oldest brewery in Cologne, and has been family owned and operated for six generations.



5.3% ABV, Kölsch

A regional specialty of Cologne, Germany, and like Champagne, it is protected by "appellation controlee" or designation of origin protection, meaning that only beer from Cologne may be legally called Kölsch. The beer itself is clear, bright straw yellow in color, and with a prominent floral hoppiness, and a mild bitterness. Fermented with a top-cropping ale yeast strain, but at temperatures closer to that of a lager. The result is a clean tasting beer not dissimilar to a pilsner, but with more fruity esters, and a lighter bitterness.


5.3% ABV, Ale 

Taken directly from the fermenter, unfiltered and with a soft, natural carbonation. This is slightly yeasty, more bitter and even drier than the everyday Kölsch.