Hildegard van Ostaden is a Urthel brewer from Ruiselede, West Flanders. She created Urthel beers in the authentic Flemish brewing tradition taking the time at Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot. In 2010, Urthel 
Saisonnière won the prestigious World Beer Award, and now Urthel produces three extraordinary specialty beers.


Year Round


6% Farmhouse Ale

A unique combination of Saison and white beer. The blonde and irresistible Saisonnière (Seiseke in Belgium) is a sparkling golden, slightly cloudy but outstandingly fresh thirst-quencher with a strong 6% zing. Striking due to its foarmy head. A beer to savour. Certainly in combination with snacks and delicious meals.


9.5% Belgian IPA

An exceptional 9.5% speciality beer, very high on the bitter scale yet with a refined flavour. Inspired by fine American traditions with special varieties of aromatic European hops. A successful journey of discovery creates the natural and refreshing bitterness of Indian Pale Ale. A tasteful accompaniment for velvet-soft cheeses or delicate fruits.


11.5% Quadrupel

A truly authentic fine tasting beer in the ancient Flemish brewing tradition. A 11.5% dark speciality beer with a subtle soft-sweet flavor, rich aromas of dried fruits and a refined bitterness with a hint of chocolate in the aftertaste. A beer that goes well with game or strong cheeses. For warmth on cool evenings or cold days.