Brooklyn, NY

Year Round

Grandmaster IPA

6.9%  ABV

The Grandmaster IPA has a mildly sweet malty flavor with a balanced bitterness that gives off tropical and citrus aromas. It finishes smooth and clean leaving you craving more and more. With an ABV of 6.9% and 70 IBU's, the Grandmaster cements itself amongst the best of the best.



American Pilsner

5.0%  ABV

Created to bring back the amazing American flavor lost over the last century. Through hundreds of recipe variations comes the most flavorful American style pilsner in the country. It begins with sweet honey characters accented with spicy and grassy hop notes. With each sip you'll experience a smooth, yet dry finish that captures the essence of an easy drinking beer. We raise our glass with you.

American Pale Ale

4.8%  ABV

An original American Pale Ale recipe with biscuit malt flavors balanced with citrus and spicy aromas that finish bright, clean and dry.