Czech Republic

Zatec is an area notable for its legendary hops. Built in 1801, the Zatec Brewery occupies the site of the old Zatec Castle and historically, the brewery has been a feature for the town of Zatec. After a period of decline during the Communist years, Rolf Munding purchased the brewery in 2001 to rejuvenate the local brewery and town. Tomas Lejsek, a Czech brew master, masterminded changes by bringing together new technology, old brewing processes and pure ingredients to make Zatec to what it is today.

Year Round

Pilsner Blue Label

4.6% Czech Pilsener

Big-bubblish diminishing white head on a bright straw golden body. Sparkling. Aroma: grass, caramel, malts, hops, bread, marzipan, wort. Taste: caramel malts, hops, grass, fresh fruit peel of red apple. Fresh hops in the finish with some grains and malts.

Dark Label

5.7% Dark Lager

Pours to a buff head that lasts and laces. Transparent ruby black color. Slight roast and decocted malt aroma with a honey-like floral hop note. Flavor is reminiscent of molasses, coffee and toffee, with a balancing clean bitterness and hop spice. Mouthfeel is a light medium. Overall, a satisfying and complex dark lager.